It's time to get rid of all your indicators...

Finally, know when to enter and exit great trades with superior certainty in any kind of market

Beat the market on a constant basis with our volume-based strategy and an indicator of it’s own kind

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A volume based strategy & indicator that saves you a ton of time, money and restless nights

Did you ever ask yourself how it is possible to make better trading decisions without getting overwhelmed by too much information.

Volumatrix is replacing relentless technical analysis, removing human biases, and freeing up your time.

Stop flopping and groping for once and for all – with the last indicator that you will ever need.

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How does it work?

Unlike other fancy strategies and indicators, volume trading is simply beating the market again and again and again...

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How and why does it work?

You’ve probably noticed already that each market has it’s own rhythm of ups and down.

Now, did you ever wonder if you could accurately grasp the rhythm and cadence of the market to predict it's next move?

Well that’s exactly what trading volume will allow you to do. Our strategy increases your odds while our indicator visually captures the rhythm of every market and tells you when to get in and out.

A sneak peek to what trading based on volume feels like

One strategy, one indicator and one community, yet there are so many success stories. See it yourself 👉

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What's included?
The choice is yours...

Trade the way you want,
 based on your schedule and your own pace

Yes, you've read correct. You don't have to change your daily routine and personal structure to use this strategy and indicator. Volume trading with Volumatrix will allow you to trade according to your own needs and possibilities.

Swing like a pro

One strategy, one indicator and one community, yet there are so many success stories. See it yourself


Scalp like a surgeon

One strategy, one indicator and one community, yet there are so many success stories. See it yourself

Join one of the fastest-growing professional trading communities and grow your knowledge exponentially

You are probably tired of hanging around in indecisive communities were most of the people are constantly flopping and groping. If you agree or not, this constant shit-chat leads to a lot of wrong trading decisions on your end.

Let's get rid of that annoying noise and become a part of a community which has a similar aim as you and more important follows identical set of rules and principles.

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Discuss your entries with fellow members who are also trading in a laid-back and relaxed manner.


Lower your timeframes and enter a world of high frequency trades with our scalp members


Get help whenever you need it and get all your questions answered by our community.


Celebrate your success and get motivated by fellow volume traders. Who doesn't?

See it in action... 

The most advanced volume trading indicator

Explore the features:

Leading Volume Indicators

Two oscillators show you the market's rhythm

Multi Timeframe Confirmation

Make superior trading decisions with confidence

Buy & Sell Indicators

Green and red dots for ideal entries and exits

Preemptive Warnings

Stops you from getting in or out too late

Simple Trend Indicator

Tells you if the market is moving up or down

100% TradingView compatible

Simply works out of the box without any hassle

Built-in alerts and visible signal for every asset on TradingView

You don’t have have to sit in front of the screen all days. Get alerts and indications for every single asset. Our indicator will alert you about upcoming opportunities, no matter where and on which device you are on.
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13:04Longing BTC at $31'500
17:04Exiting my long at $34'000

Get crypto trading signals from CryptoJew himself

CryptoJew is the inventor of the Multi Time Frame VWAP strategy and the initator of the Volumatrix community. Get the signals personally from him, whenever he gets in or out of a trade.

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As simple as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
100% Newbie friendly

Our strategy and indicator is built for every level of trader. No matter if you’re a novice or a pro you will be able to easily reap the benefits from it.

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Computer or Laptop

Patience & discipline

Good vision

and half a brain

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